Role of Indian Air Force in 1971 War

The Liberation of Bangladesh is the most memorable war in the brief history of Bangladesh. The contribution of Indian Govt and the citizens of India is an important part of that history. Without mentioning the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) role in that war, the history of Bangladesh’s liberation is incomplete. The Bangladesh Liberation War (1971) … Continue reading “Role of Indian Air Force in 1971 War”

Six Point Program – An Appeal, A Demand, A Move

From time of Indian independence, till 1971, East Pakistan faced terrible oppression by the Dominion of West Pakistan. This was at three levels – Linguistic, Financial and Political. But a time of reckoning came, when a power rose to champion the cause of East Pakistan’s liberation – a power known as Awami League. It did … Continue reading “Six Point Program – An Appeal, A Demand, A Move”

Birangona: Knocking on heaven’s door

  “You are one of countless Whose story was never told And never will As all records were burnt.”  Birangona, Sadaf Saaz Siddiqui.     Dreadful, horrendous and devastating memories of the ‘70s are still alive with Moryam. Sitting in her Sirajganj cottage in Bangladesh, curls into herself Moryam does not want to recollect those … Continue reading “Birangona: Knocking on heaven’s door”

A Necessary Intervention

The campaign to liberate the people of East Pakistan from the West Pakistani yoke was a memorable one.  The 1971 war operation freed the people of Bangladesh from three types of oppression: Linguistic, Political and Economic. The genocide initiated by West Pakistan was a culmination point of that oppression which led to a rebellion of … Continue reading “A Necessary Intervention”

The Winter 1971, Battles Before “Bangladesh”

In the winter of 1971, hell broke loose. It was the Indo Pak War of 1971. Unleashing all its arsenal and dreaded armored divisions  West Pakistani military fortified East Pakistan against any Indian intervention while skirmishes kept on growing in the North West frontier along the Indo-Pak border.  Determined and with an aim to annihilate … Continue reading “The Winter 1971, Battles Before “Bangladesh””