45th Vijay Diwas with screening of iLEAD’s "1971 India’s Finest Hour"

iLEAD celebrated the 45th Vijay Diwas with the screening of iLEAD’s 1971 India’s Finest Hour in the gracious presence of Governor of West Bengal, His Excellency KeshariNathTripathi. After the felicitation of the Governor by iLEAD chairman Mr Pradip Chopra and the grand welcome of all the guests, the film was screened which depicts India’s intervention … Continue reading “45th Vijay Diwas with screening of iLEAD’s "1971 India’s Finest Hour"”

How India Operated & Liberated Bangladesh

While most of us are familiar with “Bangladesh Liberation War”, it’s a tragedy that we have no inkling about the relevance it holds, even to this day. The great courage of the Indian troops and how they resisted and crushed West Pakistan’s domination of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and made them surrender will forever stay … Continue reading “How India Operated & Liberated Bangladesh”