War Clouds Loom

Several infiltrations and skirmishes designed to create insurgency against Indian rule in Jammu and Kashmir in 1965 culminated in the Indo-Pakistani war of 1965. In 1971 the genocide in East Pakistan and with people taking shelter in Indian states put a stress on the Indian economy like never before.

Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi decided that it was much economical to go to war and stop the humanitarian crisis and also the stress on Indian economy. Under her orders and General Manekshaw’s, Indian Intelligence started the recruitment and training of a guerrilla army from the refugee camps and simultaneously there was a preparation for a full scale war against Dominion of Pakistan with global support. Government of Pakistan developed an anti-India sentiment which escalated into slogans and stickers declaring messages like “Crush India” and “Hang the Traitor” (referring to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman).

The Indian army waited till December for a drier ground and snow in the Himalayan passes, which would prevent Chinese interventions. By then Yahya Khan declared emergency in Pakistan and asked every soldier and civilian to be ready for war.